After sales service and returns process :


1) Check that the return material is in good state, without any damage.

2) Please test scrupulously the material.

3) Send us the material back with your ADNS invoice or your customer's invoice (if the material is not new), and the after-sales service form (that you can find on the bottom of this page) to the following address:


Services SAV

47 allée du clos des charmes




4) Once the material is received, we give ourselves three weeks to examine and test the product.

5) If the material is faulty, you will receive a refund voucher to redeem on your next order.

6) If the material is working correctly or presents anomalies due to incorrect usage, it will be returned along with your next order.


Reminder :

- Warranty is available, on presentation of your ADNS invoice and your client's receipt.

- Only electronic devices are concerned.

- no refund voucher will be made in the following cases: if your battery is disassembled / got hit / received any kind of damage, if your battery connections are pressed or unsoldered, if the connections are not regularly maintained, if the use of your material is inappropriate.

- If the concerned product is a pack, please send us the complete material in its original packaging

- Make sure that your material has been bought at ADNS, in the opposite case, the material will not be returned.

- The Shipping costs towards the after sales service are the customer’s responsibility

- The shipping costs towards the customer are the customer's responsibility as well if the material is working correctly, or presents anomalies due to misusage, it can be also sent back to you free of charge along with your next order.

- if the material is faulty, a refund voucher of the product’s value will be returned along with your next order.


For all inquiries and questions, please send us an email to:

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