Sachet Original Pads Fiber Freaks

Our raw material is a cellulose made from a lyocell of wood transformed in the optimal conditions. Its performances are unbeatable in the case of atomizers. The original range brings new improvements to our first version. We chose longer fibres to improve their resistance and their capillary action.
This product is only guaranteed in compliance with the French regulations - see article 11 of the general conditions of sale
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Type : density 1 density 2

 density 1 Type density 1 . 
 density 2 Type density 2 . 


Density 1 is an airy modell. It tears itself in the fibre direction  in order to be rolled in a wick which is placed afterwards in the resistance. When you pull the fibres, they align theirselves and offer a greater capillary action in order to satisfy the users.

Density 2 is a more dense and thicker modell. It can be cut into strips with the help of scissors and allows a more precise dosage of the wick for each type of atomizer. it is very resistant.